Author and Institution:
Terry Gibson, Global Network for Disaster Risk Reduction
Nigel Scott, Gamos

‘Views from the Frontline’ is a process of gathering information on disaster risk reduction at a local level. Local organisations gather both qualitative case studies and quantitative data from face-to-face surveys – low-cost digital video technology is used to create annotated case study videos, and email and spreadsheets are used to coordinate and manage survey data. In 2011, VFL also trialled an experimental programme to research the use of SMS surveys using mobile phones.

The first VFL report was published in 2009, and a second report (GNDR 2011) was presented at the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2011. VFL is seen to provide a generic model by which the voices of local communities can be heard in the debate on climate change and on wider resilience by those in strategic decision­-making positions.

Case Study report