This page provides guidance materials relating to RABIT: the Resilience Assessment Benchmarking and Impact Toolkit. This enables the measurement of resilience baselines, and also measurement of the impact of development interventions on resilience; particularly the introduction of ICTs. It focusses on resilience in low-income communities.

RABIT Briefing Document

The four-page RABIT Briefing Document explains the importance of resilience; how RABIT understands and measures and visualises resilience; and it illustrates the action recommendations that can emerge from implementing RABIT.

RABIT Implementation Handbook

The RABIT Implementation Handbook explains what RABIT is, and why, when and how to use it. It explains the analytical model of resilience attributes and markers that guides RABIT measurement, and typical impacts on these of ICTs. It provides a series of research instruments for measurement of resilience, including focus group, interview and survey templates. It offers guidance on data visualisation.

RABIT Training Workshop Guide

The RABIT Training Workshop Guide provides notes and guidance for running a training workshop on resilience generally, and RABIT specifically. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the RABIT Training Workshop Slides.

RABIT Short Case Studies

These are short (c. 10-page) summaries of the pilot application of RABIT in low-income communities in developing countries:

RABIT Full Case Studies

These provide full details from the case studies of a pilot application of RABIT, including resilience conceptualisation; case study context and methods; findings and visualisation on community resilience; findings and visualisation on ICTs and community resilience; action recommendations; and survey/interview/focus group instruments used:

Other RABIT Resources

  1. Seminar presentation by Richard Heeks on development and application of RABIT.
  2. Big Data for Resilience Storybook: case studies of using big data to build resilience, with a framework inspired by RABIT.
  3. Impact of ICTs-in-Agriculture on Rural Resilience in Developing Countries: working paper with RABIT-based analysis of ICTs’ impact on rural resilience.
  4. Measuring Resilience in Marginalised Urban Communities: working paper with RABIT-based analysis of resilience to fire, flood, storms and violence in a South African township.