Author and Institution:
Angelica V. Ospina, University of Manchester
Richard Heeks, University of Manchester

This Strategy Brief explores the future research agenda for information and communication technologies, climate change and development (ICCD). It argues that new research on the role of digital tools is needed to identify innovative, locally-appropriate approaches to face the challenges and benefit from the opportunities posed by climate change. Emerging research in this field has started to shed light on the role of ICTs to mitigate, monitor and adapt to the effects of climate change within developing country settings. However, much remains to be done in order to provide evidence-based knowledge that can be used by decision­-makers at the community, sectoral, national and international levels.

This Brief identifies key enablers and constraints for ICCD research. It then summarises a series of current knowledge gaps that can set the agenda for future research priorities in the field. The Brief concludes with concrete action steps to move the ICCD research agenda forward.

Strategy Brief