Combining Local Radio and Mobile Phones to Promote Climate Stewardship

Author and Institution: 
Ryan Jones, FrontlineSMS
Bill Siemering, Developing Radio Partners

With support from the Foundation to Promote Open Society, Developing Radio Partners (DRP) launched the one year pilot project in these border communities, working in partnership with three local radio stations in each country. The primary aim of Zachilengedwe Tsogolo Lathu, as the participants named it ("Our Environment, Our Future"), was to empower rural Zambians and
Malawians to address key climate change issues, especially local deforestation, by improving their access to information on the subject via radio and mobile phone, rural Africa's two most ubiquitous and trusted ICTs. The substance of these projects focused on both climate change mitigation, by emphasising the value of the local forests in both economic and ecological terms, and adaptation, by sharing insights into ways that rural households could preserve their households in the face of a changing and uncertain climate.